Half-Giant Wasteland Barbarian


Kavak – half-giant wasteland nomad barbarian

Kavak was a member of the Thundercrag Tribe, nomadic half-giants who wandered and settled in the mountains to the north east of Urik. He was the son of the clan champion, Korvok. Now just a clan warrior, Kavak aspires to one day take his fathers place as champion.
The Fate of the clan was revealed when the Thundercrag settled an area rich in obsidian. It was not long before the Sorcerer Kings messengers arrived and wanted the land. This was seen as an insult to the Thundercrag. Half-giants do not bow to the wants of humans. Only one of the Kings men was allowed to live and return to Urik with our response. Only a few days later, an army of the Sorcerer Kings men and Templars arrived. The Thundercrag fought and killed many of the Sorcerer Kings men but could not stand up to their magic. Most were killed, some escaped and the rest, including me were incapacitate and taken prisoner to be put to work in the mines and fight in the arena.
Now, Kavak must escape his captors and reform his tribe, if enough of the clan are still alive. Kavak feels he must restore the honor of his clan. He is now, by default, clan champion and must punish those who took his clan and family from him.


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