Elon Mistwild

Eladrin Warlord


Elon has been driven (perhaps truly mad) by the Sorcerer-Kings defilement of the Feywild. He is a stranger to Athas and has picked out the nearest Sorcerer-King to start his campaign of vengeance against. He will focus his efforts on obtaining allies, resources, and tools to wage his campaign against Hammasu. His best asset is his knowledge and the will to use it. Others are stronger, wealthier, and better at winning people over. It is his goal to bring them together and focus them against the Sorcerer-King. His job is to identify opportunities and allocate the best resources to capitalize on the opportunity.
Initially meetings and recruitment had gone well, as he is on favorible terms with the gladiator Drax, the barbarian Kavak, the arcanist Bellem, and the ex-slave Kira. Lately however all most of his meetings have ended in death. He had hoped that Fellenand later Ignaracould have built a working relationship, but both betrayed him as soon as possible and had to be put down. Worse yet the betrayals have already worn on one of his few promising allies, Drax, which may make it very difficult to continue to reach out for future allies. This situation must be monitored very carefully. I will need to divise a plan.

To know me well you must understand where I grew up. You see I was born in the Feywild in an area known to us as the Elavindril (El-a-VIN-drill) Reach. Time and geography work differently in the Feywild. Of all the places the Elavindril borders Athas is by far the most despicable. Elavindril was a tower of beauty in the Feywild, but Athas and its Sorcerer-Kings’ defilement has gone so far to not only destroy their world, but also wreck havoc on Elavindril and the nearby Feywild. While Athas may have seen the destruction as sure and steady as the tide Elavindril experienced it as if it was an ocean storm. Every time we came near and into Athas the life was sucked up out of Elavindril only to have the sucking stop after we translated away. The tower and the land around it bear the scars of each journey to Athas like the rings inside a tree show it’s age. The time intervals between arrivals in Athas have become very long, but that is no savior for Elavindril. The wounds are already too deep to heal.
The defilement stretches much deeper than just the soil. My people have grown angry, hateful, and spiteful. They leave the Feywild to other lands hateful and bitter, or they make their way to other places in the Feywild where they are shunned for the scars they bear. Those of us that have stayed in Elavindril may yet be the worst. Every time we visit Athas I can feel the hope and joy inside me wither. I had to do something I couldn’t stay there and wither each time we came, and I hated the idea of running from this problem that has hurt so many I loved. So I decided to venture into Athas and try to do something about it. I tried to reason with my people to join me and put an end to our ills. They dismissed me as insane. How is it insane to try to save your home, I ask. They don’t reply but I see it all over them. They all have been drained of hope by the defilement coming from Athas. They would rather slaughter those they come across for a little satisfaction then stand against the defilement. They have already withered and been changed deeply inside by the plague that is Athas, and so I left, alone. I alone walked into the baking sun to try and stem the tide and save Elavindril, or so I convinced myself.
As I think back on those conversations I ponder; how is it anything but insane to march into Athas. A part of me wished those crazy old coots would have said that in response to me. I may not be here, and now I have to wonder if it was my heightened intellect that has kept me sane, or am I already crazy and it is that same intellect that is attempting to make me aware of my current condition. Regardless of my mental state it will be sometime till Elavindril returns to Athas. So in the meantime I need to get to work.

Elon is stronger than most of his kind but not as agile as most. Given that his frame is a little bulkier. He usually wears a desert cloak with the hood down to conceal his most striking Eladrin features, his eyes and his ears.

Elon Mistwild

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