Tag: Koth


  • Galon

    Galon is a member of the [[Band of Rhadvil | Band of Rhadvil]]. He was involved in a bar room brawl at the[[Drunken Hatori | Drunken Hatori]] with [[:kavak | Kavak]], though afterwards they appeared to settle their differences.

  • Lortek

    Lortek is an immensely fat human and the proprietor of Lortek's Curios in Kot[[Koth | Koth]]. He purchased a rusted blade along with some gems from the adventurers. He also has a choker that Dra[[:drax | Drax]] was considering purchasing for [[:kria | …

  • Kalam

    Kalam is a Half-Giant from the Sandthruster tribe. He is a merchant in Ko[[Koth | Koth]] who purchased some armor from the adventurers.