Tag: Human


  • Kria

    Kria was a slave of [[Sollus]] who was freed by the adventurers when they slew her former owner. She has since travelled with the band and formed a close relationship with Drax.

  • Bellem

    Bellem is a preserver and member of the [[Veiled Alliance]]. He was condemned to the Black Pit of Urik to die, along with the PCs, and when they survived was banished to the salt mines to die there. He escaped with the PCs and eventually was revealed as …

  • Tirius

    Tirius was a subordinate templar to [[:sollus | Sollus]] who freed the PCs (and [[:bellem | Bellem]]) in a bid to kill Sollus and usurp his position. After the deed was done, he betrayed the PCs and attempted to rally the remaining forces to seize or …

  • Gregos

    Gregos was a desert bandit and an arcanist, a defiler, who used his power to lead a group of bandits. Gregos and his band, which consisted of a couple of Sunfire clan Half-Giants and an elf, waylaid the PCs, thinking to extort them or slay them and …

  • Galon

    Galon is a member of the [[Band of Rhadvil | Band of Rhadvil]]. He was involved in a bar room brawl at the[[Drunken Hatori | Drunken Hatori]] with [[:kavak | Kavak]], though afterwards they appeared to settle their differences.

  • Lortek

    Lortek is an immensely fat human and the proprietor of Lortek's Curios in Kot[[Koth | Koth]]. He purchased a rusted blade along with some gems from the adventurers. He also has a choker that Dra[[:drax | Drax]] was considering purchasing for [[:kria | …