Tag: EX-Slave


  • Kria

    Kria was a slave of [[Sollus]] who was freed by the adventurers when they slew her former owner. She has since travelled with the band and formed a close relationship with Drax.

  • Drax

    To his Excellency, Per your request this is my report concerning the bodyguard of Lord Telos, the Mul Drax. To be blunt finding information on this individual was very difficult and it took all my skill and ability to find what little information …

  • Kavak

    Kavak - half-giant wasteland nomad barbarian Kavak was a member of the [[Thundercrag Tribe | Thundercrag Tribe]], nomadic half-giants who wandered and settled in the mountains to the north east of [[Urik | Urik]]. He was the son of the clan champion …