Against The Sorcerer-Kings

Onward to Koth

After disposing of the elf raiders in a vicious struggle, the characters settled in for a much needed rest. Drax set upon the corpse of the id fiend with great gusto, butchering the body to harvest materials (bone especially, but also ligaments and sinew) to create a variety of weapons, storing that which he did not use the first night into the wagon. The adventurers also noticed that Belem, while stable, had taken a turn for the worse. After an uneventful evening and a long rest, they decided to once more set out for Koth.

Using his athletic skills and supernatural teleporting abilities, Elon Mistwild scaled the nearest point, a tree atop the canyon face, and scouted out a path ahead. The badlands of this location abutted an area of sandy desert, and it was through this zone that the group travelled on in the direction of Koth. Kavak carefully worked the remaining kank that pulled their wagon, while Elon kept a sharp eye out for danger and Drax spent his time with Kria, attempting to raise her spirits after her recent capture, as well as question her about training, in an effort to improve her skill to defend herself. The journey took several days, with the band being assaulted one evening in camp by a pair of vicious anakores, whose massive claws cut deep and viciously on the heroes before they were slain. They were also set upon by a band of tarek bandits led by a tarek earth shaman, who attempted to ambush the group as they resupplied at an oasis, but Drax’s sharp eyes and trained instincts spotted them ahead of time. The tareks swung many a powerful blow, and took many a seemingly mortal wound, before they were finally defeated. Kria in both encounters showed more spirit than earlier, employing a crossbow to attempt to aid her allies and protectors; she did not accomplish much but did demonstrate a fighting and resiliant spirit.

At last, the adventurers ran into a crodlu-mounted patrol from Koth, who ordered the band to halt in the name of Lord Mitra. The situation was tense, with the guards not well disposed to wanderers from the desert, and the adventurers in no mood to bow or scrape after their long journey. The group revealed their fallen ally Belem, however, and after examining him the guards let them past, and escorted them back to the outskirts of Koth, which was revealed to be a decent sized settlement located within a canyon, with buildings built into the very walls of the canyon, as well as along its floor. They were pointed in the direction of a large building in the settlement, and told they had best bring Belem there.



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