Against The Sorcerer-Kings

Early Campaign


This is a brief recap of the campaign, up to and including the 01/02/2011 session

The campaign began in the boiling Black Pit of Urik, as the main characters, Drax,Kavak and Elon Mistwild, along with an NPC who they would later come to know as Bellem, were thrust into the pit for a gladiatorial contest. Thean of House Lubar appeared to be sponsoring the games, and the PCs were pit against several bands of gladiators from the Blackblood Warriors, all of whom they overcame. As the PCs were about to be pit against yet another band, it became obvious that they were being sent to their deaths, which did not sit well with the fans, who were won over by their prowess and showmanship in the arena. Therefore, they were given a stay, and sent back to a communal cell, where they ate and rested to recover their strength for the inevitable next rounds.

Those next rounds, however, never came, and the four awoke to find themselves in a sealed, hot and stinking wagon, bound for the salt mines of Urik. The heroes attempted to free themselves, and failed but did manage to damage the wagon they were in, causing the rest of the caravan to leave them behind. That night, one of the templars, Tirius offered to free them if they would kill his superior, Sollus. The PCs did not greatly trust Tirius, but they wanted to be free and avoid the salt mines, and having no love of templars had no objection to doing one in. They fought Sollus and his warriors, including his pet jhakar Dreg, and after defeating them Tirius reappeared, trying to rally the remaining Urikites to halt the “escapees and murderers.” He was no more successful than Sollus, however, and the band defeated him as well, though the battle was close and Bellem was forced to reveal himself as an arcanist and preserver. After the battle, it was discovered that Sollus had brought along a pleasure slave, Kria. She was freed, though with no where to go decided to accompany the band, as she began to develop a close relationship with Drax. After some discussion, Bellem informed the PCs that if they escorted him to Koth, a hidden settlement to the north, they could avoid the reach of the Sorcerer-Kings and get a reward as well. The adventurers decided to take him up on this offer.

The band headed north, taking the kank drawn wagons filled with supplies (which the templars no longer needed!) with them. The trip north was rough, as the land soon turned to rocky badlands. The PCs fought off a variety of foes, including elementals, bandits led by the defiler Gregos, and a silk wyrm that poisoned Bellem and left him comatose. Along the way they encountered a band of dwarves led by a sun-priest named Logos who took them for bandits and assaulted them. The adventurers bested Logos and his band, and forced them to yield. Logos grudgingly gave them information on a long lost Green Age dwarven ruin, Zakharia, as well as giving them directions to Koth (needed as Bellem remained comatose from the silk wyrm attack). The adventurers decided to search out Zakharia, as it was closer than Koth, before continuing on to the settlement.

On their way to Zakharia the adventurers met up with an elf named Feleen, who bargined with them, food for information. He confirmed the landmarks described by Logos, reinforcing their conviction that they were on the path to Zakharia, and informed them of a few local dangers, specifically of an elf raider named Trivus and the evidence he had seen of a thri-kreen band in the area. On their guard, the adventurers made their way into the canyon described by Logos as containing the entry point to Zakharia. Here they found a murder of Kesterel birds, foul and dangerous scavengers, perched on a tree just outside the rock slide area revealed the way into the ruin. Elom’s sharp eyes caught sight of another predator, however, and thus avoided them being surprised as they were set upon by a vicious id fiend as well as the birds. A great battle erupted, with the id feind using its powerful telepathic abilities to hamstring and immobilize the warriors. Eventually they defeated it (after especially a great deal of cursing by Drax, who developed a foul, deep hatred of the beast). They hid their remaining wagon and kank as best they could, equipped Kria with a weapon, and stole into Zakharia, searching for its secrets. They found signs that this may truly be a Green Age ruin and traveled deep into and under the surface, following the passageway down until they came upon a wide hall. Exploring it, they found a lair of crystal spiders, who they easily defeated, and among their lair found a primally infused set of sandals and a rusted steel longsword, which they believe has value to a collector. Traveling further they found a massive door which once contained magical runes and sigils of great warding power, now lost. Opening the door, they found a figure, seemingly a tiefling (though Elom’s sharp eyes and knowledge of planar details told him it was in fact something else) in a magical circle, surrounded by five maw demons, bundles of hate and hunger. The adventurers charged in, heedless of the danger, and slew the demons, standing deep in a pile of their otherworldly bodies as the “tiefling” urged them on. As they defeated the last of the demons, their attention turned to the captive, who urged them to remove the wards surrounding him…



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