Against The Sorcerer-Kings

Catching Up

Catch Up Post For A Few Missed Sessions

A brief synopsis of a few missed sessions, to be filled out later (really just a placeholder):

The adventurers returned to a prep room, to recover their strength after the battle in the Arena, when a group of mul and half-giant toughs appeared, wanting to speak to Elon. They seemed less than friendly, and insisted Elon alone go with them. When he did not comply, they resorted to force, but the party quickly overcame them, despite the strains they suffered in the Koth’s arena.

They then went to the viewing box of House Shem, and met with their employer. He made it clear that he was very interested in acquiring the services of Kria. The adventurers returned to their quarters. Kria and Drax had a lengthy conversation about what she should do, with the subtext of freedom and choice for ex-slaves. Elon Mistwild went searching for, eventually staking out the site where the thugs had wished to take him.

The adventurers took from the Veiled Alliance, to accompany one of their members, Kivrin, who had been posing as a bandit under a leader named Yarnath. Leaving Kria in the care of the Alliance, the adventurers traveled across the dangerous wastelands of the desert, traveling to Yarnath’s base, which turned out to be a monstrous building called Slither, which while stationary appeared to be capable of movement. After slipping into the base, they fought their way down through the tower Kivrin led them to, discovering a red gem on a pedestal in what appeared to be a ritual room. After overcoming the defenders, Elon shattered the glass dome and took the gem, an item known as the Blood Jewel, which Kivrin indicated Yarnath sought to use in his quest to achieve the power of the Sorcerer Kings.



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