Against The Sorcerer-Kings

Betrayal in Zakharia

The adventurers stood in the room in ancient Zakharia, empty save for the bodies of a number of minor demons that they slew, and the figure of the “tiefling” trapped within a magic circle at the center of the room. The figure attempted to convince them to free him, as they all attempted (or appeared to attempt) to ignore him. He offered treasure, power, women, and powerful weapons, the last of which caught the attention of Kavak, but he stayed his hand. Finally, as the adventurers were preparing to leave him, he tried to earn their trust by warning them of a band of elven raiders who had snuck up on their position. A short but vicious battle ensued, and the elven raiders were laid low, save for one who was trapped in the room and offered to bargain information for his life. He informed the adventurers that they had been betrayed by Felleen, the elf “trader” they had encountered in the desert, who had sold them out to a local tribal leader named Ignara, who had seized Kria as a hostage and was, along with her sister, combing the ruins for them.

A intense discussion broke out then, with Drax anxious to start out after the elves to rescue Kria, and Elon Mistwild arguing that they needed to rest, as his wounds from the previous encounters were severe enough to keep them from pressing on. The trapped figure, who identified himself as Amduscius, urged them to free him, so that he could go lay waste to the elves and save Kria while the adventurers recuperated. He also offered to revitalize the party so that they could press on, but they tried to ignore that. Eventually, as Amduscius offered more and more enticements, in order to shut him up Drax asked “Why don’t you just turn the world green again?” “It could be done… it would take much effort, but it could be done…” which startled, silenced, and greatly disquieted the party. It did not, however, succeed in convincing them to free him. Eventually they agreed to hole up in the room for four hours, giving Elon a chance to recuperate (at his advanced rate). The shaft of Kavak’s halberd quieted down the captive (repeatedly…). Drax grudgingly agreed, though he paced and grumbled the entire time.

The band moved out, leaving Amduscius behind them and bringing the elf captive along. They discovered sign of what they believed to be Ignara’s sister, Jaenus, though before they could reach their a sentry detected them. A fight erupted in a room, previously undetected, connected to the great hallway by a secret passage way. Jaenus’ guards were vicious, firing sharp, stinging blows that hamstrung Drax while Jaenus unleashed fire upon the party. Kavak dove in, swinging terrible blows down upon Jaenus, who tore into his mind and sent him (briefly) running in fear from the room. Blades cut into flesh and shattered on stone, primal and psionich powere flowed. Eventually, however, the band defeated the elves and captured Jaenus, intent on using her for trade.

They pressed on to search for Ignara and her band, eventually succeeding in doing so in a different section of the ruin, beyond several hallways, in a large room lit with huge braziers. Ignara and the adventurers parlayed, each threatening the lives of their captives. Eventually they struck a deal, wherein Ignara offered up Kria (and leaving behind Felleen) for her sister, but as the two groups warily began their exchange the treacherous elves struck, hoping to overwhelm the adventurers and seize it all for themselves. Another vicious battle erupted, and the heroes quickly overwhelmed Ignara’s guardians, though Felleen proved more dangerous than they suspected, loosing several vicious arrows into them and clouding their minds with his own psionic powers. Ignara summoned fire elementals to aid her, but it was all to naught as the heroes cut down her forces, eventually forcing her and Felleen to flee. The adventurers gave chase, and finally knocked Ignara prone, forcing her to yield. Drax and Kavak gave chase, and their might hews and intense endurance proved too much for Felleen, who they caught up to as he was attempting to catch his breath. He tore off again, but not before driving a few arrows into Kavak. The might half giant, greviously wounded, knowing that another of the archer’s arrows might be his doom, nonetheless drove onward, guided by his barbarian rage and single-mindedness, and managed to cut down the archer before he could finish Kavak off with another barrage.

As Drax and Kavak caught their breath, Elon and Kria caught up with them. Drax and Elon stole up to the enterance and finished off the guard Ignara had posted. They then returned to the room, freeing the captive as they agreed, but making Ignara pay the price for her treachery by cutting down Jaenus before her, then herself. The band collected the elves weapons (as many of their own were destroyed in the battle), and even uncovered an enchanted Heavy Throwing Shield, though it was curiously enough not made of metal (as they expected in a Green Age ruin) but instead bone, wood, and sinew. The band decided to camp at the entrance to the ruin, as they planned their next steps, with Drax leaning towards further exploration and Elon hinting that they perhaps should be on their way to Koth


Very ggod recap, very descriptive and story like. However I brlrive that it was Drax and Elon that,“stole up to the enterance and finished off the guard Ignara had posted.” Kavak was way down on Hit Points and had no healing surges left.

Betrayal in Zakharia

You are exactly right; that is a case of thinking one thing and typing another. I have corrected it.

Betrayal in Zakharia

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