Against The Sorcerer-Kings

Battling the Sand Thrusters

Initial attempt:

In previous sessions, the adventurers had felt their way through Koth. They settled into rooms at the Drunken Hatori, sold the gear they had acquired during their journey (including the rusted blade discovered in Zakharia ), and enjoyed themselves after their long trip. The adventurers celebrated their survival with an evening of drinking and celebrating, including a brawl with a group known as the Band of Rhadvil. Elon Mistwild made arraignments to celebrate the Feast of Saturnalia. Bellem was left with the Veiled Alliance, who eventually offered them aid in reward for bringing Bellem safely to Koth. The arena of Koth was toured, where a woman named Caala offered to hire them to fight in the arena on her employers behalf. The Feast of Saturnalia was seemingly a great success, and the adventurers discussed a few offers from the Veiled Alliance as well as further discussing with Caala and others… quite a few opportunities seemed to find their way to the adventures at the feast.

In this session, the party agreed to fight on behalf of Caala’s employer if he would meet with them, and so the meeting was arraigned. They met in the back room of a pub with her employer, a man named Rashok. He made it clear that he did not wish their opponents to survive the battle, that they were actually scheduled to face another group, and that those fighters would drop out at the last minute to make room for them.

The crowd was well primed for the battle, with Elon having previously played them up in the market, and Kavak having applied his war paint in a particularly ferocious manner, and having been in the crowd for the previous, less impressive melee. He refused to pay the entrance fee to watch that battle, and when the guard was too frightened to push the matter, he discovered it was “Half Giant Day”…

As promised, they were escorted to a room in preparation. They made their entrance, with Kria also serving to work up the crowd during their entrance. The arena, as Elon had previously scouted and Kavak had observed, consisted of a 20’ high stone block, whose edges were filed down. Then, their opponents, the Sand Thrusters, entered next, to the crowd’s obvious approval. They consisted of a large hulking human warrior, a nimble tiefling swordswoman, and an arcanist (whose presence didn’t diminish the crowd’s approval at all). Then, the extra twist was added, where a vicious horde of Ztal (a small lizard-like creature) which swarmed around the block snarling and snapping. The battle was joined, and the adventurers took the battle to the warriors quickly. The Sand Thursters fought back aggressively, but Kavak managed to savage the arcanist’s, sending both head and body separately into the snapping horde, and despite him being obviously a fan favorite, the crowd roared its approval. The battled raged on, with various combatants almost going off the edge but barely hanging on. In the end, the adventurers (dubbed “Mistwild’s Avengers” by Elon) vanquished their foes, ending the match by sending the tiefling flailing wildly as she fell into the Ztal pack to be devoured…



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